How to increase your Facebook reach

Why are your Facebook likes getting less and less Have you noticed your reach on Facebook is getting less and less? You are coming up with what you think are fabulously creative posts and yet still there the comments and likes are so intermittent as to be...

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How to deal with the frustration of copycats

Copycats and how to deal with the pesky creatures  On various occasions, I get a call for help from someone who has discovered that another person has started to copy their own content. And here is what I advise when faced with this upsetting situation. Firstly,...

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How To Not Break The Rules In Facebook Groups

Are you breaking Facebook rules Over recent weeks, I have had a number of new ladies join my Facebook group only for them to have their posts deleted and a message being sent explaining why and what to do in future if they want to stay in the group. I have also had a...

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Are You As Good As You Need To Be To Run Your Business?

If you are running your own business, when was the last time you updated your cv?  Probably not since you went self-employed I am guessing.  Well, why would you?  You run your own business and are not looking for a job so there is no need. But just stop a moment. ...

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How To Get Back On Track With Your Online Course

Not enough hours for studying your online course? Have you ever signed up to do an online course or follow a program full of good intentions and enthusiasm but then found you just don’t have enough hours in the week to dip into it? When I run a new program I always...

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How to create your best marketing message yet

There are 4 key points when creating any sort of marketing message.  If you work through these one at a time, at the end, you will have a crystal-clear message to attract your much-needed clients. Let’s get going with point number. Who are you talking to and what...

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How To Make Your Dreams Come True With A Vision Board

A true story of how my dream came true Something spooky happened to me a few weekends ago.  And I swear to you every word is true! I have a vision board over my desk and for the past couple of years, I have had the photo below on it. Even though I have my own office...

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How to stay inspired and motivated

Recently, I posted a challenge in my Facebook group and in my newsletter to find a hero. The post went: Who do you admire? Who would you love to be like? Go print off a picture of them and pin by your desk. When you are feeling out of sorts and de-motivated, take a...

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Can I pick your brain?

Can I pick your brains? Do you ever get asked this?  I do constantly.  By people who have been given an inch in the past and then want to come back and take a mile. These, without fail, are people who I have helped for free in the past and then think they can take...

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Getting in the right mindset for business

This month in my business club, I am working with the ladies on getting into the right mindset for business.  But why is this so important. Well, it's as simple as this.  You can have the best product or service out there, you can know everything there is to know...

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