How Many Sales Have You Lost Through Broken Promises

How Many Sales Have You Lost Through Broken Promises

Have you been breaking promises just lately?

“What?” I hear you exclaim!  Me?  Break promises?  Never!

Well good on you if you don’t because I have discovered there are far too many out there who do.  And I bet they are losing numerous sales because of it without even realising.

Over the past couple of months, I have been promised numerous things from thank you gifts for completing surveys, to information sheets following up treatments to trial samples of products.  And these have failed to be delivered.

At first, I wondered if it was just me.  But then I started to notice a few times on social media where someone had run a promotion, promised to send the prize to the winner, but had failed to do so.  The winner had turned from being delighted to being somewhat narky having to ask when they were going to receive their prize.

And I have to be honest, when someone promises me something that I haven’t asked for I am delighted and excited.  But when said item fails to materialise, I feel a little narked.  Why did they bother offering anything in the first place.

Before you go making quick off the cuff promises to impress, think carefully if you can actually deliver on your promise.  And if you can, get organised!!  Carry a notebook or diary at all times and write down what you have promised to do.  And then do it!

If you don’t keep your promise, you could well lose future sales.

I purchased from a lady recently and was fully prepared to buy again.  When chatting to her she promised to send me a free gift to try first.  When it failed to arrive, I felt that she didn’t really care about my custom and didn’t really care if I went back and purchased again or not.  So, I didn’t.  And I am sourcing someone else to buy from.

If you don’t keep up your end of the bargain, buyers will lose trust in you.  They won’t believe that you will able to deliver in the future and so may take their hard earned money elsewhere.

Go back and look through past prospects and clients.  Did you promise anything that you failed to deliver?  If so, see if it’s not too late to rectify the situation and gain that trust back.