Make it easy for prospects to find you

Make it easy for prospects to find you

If you do any form of social media marketing (and I sincerely hope you do), you will more than likely come across suitable groups and/or pages that allow you to promote your business or special offers.

The sad thing is that all too often I see people wasting a valuable opportunity here by not making it easy enough for interested prospects to find out more about them.

There are some great posts out there that are really engaging but when I go to find out more information or how to book/get in contact, it is so difficult to find where I need to go that I give up.

Please, if you ever post out your offerings on social media, grab a coffee and watch this short (7-minute video) that will hopefully help you to make the path far easier for those valuable prospects to find you.


Facebook business page vs personal page

Facebook business page vs personal page

What everybody ought to know about using a personal page for promoting their business on Facebook

Are you still using your personal Facebook page for promoting your business?  If you are, stop right now!

Facebook may remove it

I see so many of these so just have to share some words of warning about using your personal page for business use.  Facebook frowns upon using a personal profile for business use and I have known a few people who have had their pages removed for doing this.  They had built up a significant following but had their business name on the page rather than just their own name which got flagged up to the powers that be at Facebook ivory towers.  I only know of one lady who had a polite warning and told to change it but I know of two others whose pages just disappeared!  All their Facebook contacts gone and nothing they could do about it.

Keep your personal and business life separate

Aside from this, you really want to try and keep your personal and business persona’s separate.  You may have just started up a small business which you promoted to your inner circle of family and friends but as your business grows you will want to widen this audience.  Do you really want strangers seeing photos of you on a night out?  Is this giving a professional image to your business?  And even if you don’t have the tendency to go out on a Saturday night and roll around the floor drunk, are you comfortable with potential clients seeing your innermost personal conversations with friends and family?  And again, even if you don’t post much personal information on your page, you have no control over what your darling friends may post on your wall that has the danger of causing embarrassment.

You will lose potential followers

Another significant problem with using a personal page is that people who don’t know you can’t ‘follow’ or ‘like’ you as a business.  They have to add you as a friend which then in turn allows you to see all of their personal information on their Facebook page.  People who don’t know you are unlikely to be comfortable doing this and you will miss out on an opportunity to connect with people outside of your circle of friends.

If you are using a personal page to market your business on Facebook, go change it now and invite your friends across to like it.  Even easier than that, Facebook has made it easier to migrate your personal page to a business page if you wish and they have an easy to follow guide here.

And once you have your new Facebook page set up, pop over to The Small Business Kit and share it for others to see.


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Facebook tips for business

Facebook tips for business

Why use Facebook for business

Facebook is still an incredibly powerful source in the world of social media and can be an important part of a small business marketing strategy.  Too many small business owner dismiss using Facebook as they confuse personal pages with business pages and say they do not like seeing pictures of people’s dinners each day.  Stop those thoughts right now.  It is not what you like, but what your potential customers like.  The people posting personal pictures could come across your business page and be your ideal client who go on to buy from you.

Without Facebook, your business is missing out on a huge untapped source of potential new customers who don’t know you exist yet.  That in itself should be reason enough for you to realise that Facebook marketing is important for small businesses.


Here are three of the benefits of using Facebook as part of your social media marketing:


  1. Get ahead of your competitors.

Have a look at your competitors.  Are they on Facebook?  How many followers do they have and what sort of interaction are they getting?  If your competitors are getting results with their Facebook page, you should be trying to do the same, and better!  Follow what they are doing well and better what they are failing at.  Get ahead of the game and be the leader in the Facebook campaign.


  1. Simple and effective (if done properly!)

It will take time initially to get your Facebook page set up and then more time to main interesting and engaging articles to attract people to your page.  But once it is set up and running, it really is a simple process and it makes it easy for clients to engage with you and share your business brand thereby raising your profile.  Ultimately, others will start doing some of the work for you by sharing your articles.  How much simpler could it be?


  1. If you are not on social media for business purpose, you are invisible

The number one social media channel is still Facebook and every type of business uses it from the one man band to the large corporates such as Coca Cola.  So many people use Facebook these days to search for information on companies and to find what they need.  How often have you seen a post asking for a recommendation for a gardener, hairdresser or plumber?  I see loads.  And then I see the responses where people have posted links to the appropriate business Facebook page.  If they can find you here easily, job done.  If they have to spend time trying to find your details elsewhere, you may well lose them as they will simply come across your competitor’s details instead.  .  Remember, If your potential customers are using Facebook and you are not on there, you are ultimately invisible.


These are just three of the hundreds of Facebook tips for business that illustrate why you shoul be using Facebook for business.


If you would like more in depth information on using Facebook for your small business, how to set it up and maintain it, join The Success Club today.