Do people really know what you do?

Do people really know what you do?

How to know if your marketing message is really getting through

Sometimes we get so caught up in our business that we think everyone else knows exactly what we do, and then out of the woodwork, reality smacks us in the face.

I have had this happen to me just recently!

It has come to light over recent weeks that some members of my Facebook group still don’t know about my Small Business Kit.  I have members of my Small Business Kit who aren’t aware that in addition to the member’s club I also do one to one private coaching.

And there was me thinking that everyone knew everything about me and the range of services I offered. (slowly taking head out of sand!)

I am so good at telling everyone else to market like a madwoman and making sure all their contacts know exactly what they do, that I have let this slip for my own business.  Doh!!

A challenge for you

To make sure this hasn’t happened to you, and to check if people really know what you do, I am going to give you a little challenge.

Post in your Facebook group, send out a newsletter to your subscribers, send an email to your contacts and ask them one simple question – ‘What services do you think I offer?’

Now, you may want to explain to them what you are doing so they don’t think you have gone slightly mad.  Explain exactly what I have said here.  Write something on the lines of:

“Would you help me out?

It’s vitally important to all business owners to know that their marketing is working and the right message is reaching those who would benefit from what they do.

As one of my valued subscribers/fans/clients etc. (delete as appropriate) would you take a moment of your precious time to hit reply and let me know which services you are aware of that I offer?”

Alternatively, you could send out a survey listing all the services that you provide and ask respondents to put a tick against all those that they are aware you provide.  Take a look at my own survey here (see what I did there?).

The benefit of this is twofold.  Firstly, you get valuable feedback whether your marketing the parts you want to reach.  And secondly, you raise awareness of your services to those that may not yet be aware.  A win-win situation.

Not to miss an opportunity

Not to miss this opportunity, if you didn’t click the link above, would you be so kind as to take a moment of your precious time to respond to my own survey and let me know what you are aware of that I do?  There is a special thank you waiting for.


I look forward to hearing from you.


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Genius ways to get worldwide visibility for your business

Genius ways to get worldwide visibility for your business

Two genius examples of how to get your business in front of a worldwide audience

This past week I saw two pieces of marketing genius.  They were completely different from each other but both had sprinklings of magic within them.

One was not done to promote a business and was done completely off the cuff without any payment and gained phenomenal media attention worldwide.. The other was indeed a little more premeditated, was a business promotion and cost money.  But the way it was done again gained worldwide attention and gained tremendous visibility for the business in question.

The simple joys of life

The first was by the wonderful Candace Payne.

No, she doesn’t run her own business but she has wiped the floor as far as visibility is concerned and become an online sensation. And how? All by being herself and having some fun.

Candace is the lady who simply went out, bought a Chewbacca face mask, put it on in her car and screamed with laughter whilst recording it all on Facebook live.  During her gales of laughter she spoke about her antics being one of the simple joys of life.

Candace Payne

She didn’t sit back and plan how to get views and likes on Facebook. She didn’t watch endless webinars on how to create a perfect video or how to master Facebook live. She just got out there and did her own thing.

And the result has been simply breath-taking!  She has so far had 1.5 million views of her Facebook live video, breaking all records. She has appeared on the James Corden show.  She got to visit Lucas Film Studio where Star Wars was made.  She got invited to the headquarters of Facebook.  She is getting to meet movie stars and everyone wants to have her in their life.

Off the back of all this publicity, Candace has created a line of clothing being branded to enjoy the simple joys in life and her business is booming after just a few days.

I think we can all take a lesson from her to stop over thinking things, stop planning to the nth degree, stop trying to be someone you are not and to be true to yourself and let your true personality shine through. Oh, and stop taking life so seriously and have some bloody fun!!!

Way to go Candace

 Free?  Did you say free???

The second example is somewhat different but still just as brilliant in itself.

A local businessman, Rob Braddick, who owns a number of businesses in the area went and purchased one of the council car parks near to one of his restaurants, The Pier House in Westward Ho!  He then pictured himself in front of the parking meter, covering it up and declaring the park could be used for free.  Yes, FREE!!!

Robert Braddick

His social media post declared:

As of 4pm today my company ‘Braddicks Leisure Ltd’ has acquired a long lease on SEAFIELD CAR PARK at the end of Merley Road.

With immediate effect I’m making it FREE,yes FREE for the community and the public to use.

Please do park up and stroll over to The Pier House for a coffee or a cold pint.(not free!)


He paid thousands for the privilege of owning the car park so was he not mad to want to charge people to use it?

Obviously not.  The publicity he gained off the back of this gesture was quite frankly incredible.  His story got picked up on and was published in national newspapers, radio stations and shared thousands of times on social media.

Local people are visiting his venue to have their picture taken with him with a typical comment on social media stating

‘Just shaken hands with the most famous car park long-leaseholder in the world (surely Sir) Robert Braddick!’


‘Ooooh, super excited to be able to sneak this little podcast in today -possibly the most talked about carpark in the UK! Behind the scenes with Rob Braddick – the most generous business man in Devon.’

He has been hailed as a ‘hero’, ‘star’ and ‘legend’ and has whipped up a media frenzy.

If he had spent thousands of pounds on paid advertising, there is no way his money would have gained him the attention that doing something wholly unexpected and out of the ordinary did.  He went against the grain and instead of looking to make immediate gains by charging for his services, he gave something of value away for free.  This got people talking and in the world of psychology, where the power of reciprocity is well documented, people now want to come visit his premises to buy food and drink to pay him back for his generosity.

So the lesson to be learnt here is not to always keep trying to sell.  Think about doing something unexpected, giving something of value away for free and create an environment in which people want to buy from you.

Way to go Robert!


What genius way can you think of to raise visibility for your business?  Leave a comment below

Make first impressions count

Make first impressions count

Have you thought lately about how your business is packaged and how that packaging affects the first impressions people have of your business? Oh, but I don’t need to I hear you say, I don’t sell products, only services.

Well, this is where you might be going wrong. Everything that represents your business needs to have thought and consideration put into how it is packaged or presented and what impression it gives to your potential customers.

This can be in the form of marketing material, your website and you personally.

What first impressions do you get from packaging?

Take luxury products in a department store.  What stands out about the packaging?  It is usually of a higher quality and both looks and feels good.  So if you are in the luxury product or a professional industry such as a solicitor, consultant or interior designer, all your business presentation needs to represent this.

Your business cards should be of a higher grade paper and feel good to the touch.  This can have a subtle subconscious effect on the user that will help them with how they perceive your company. If you have inferior, cheap, flimsy business cards, the user may subconsciously think you offer an inferior business also.

Your website should also be considered as packaging for your business.  If it is a quick cobbled together effort with poor layout, you may well lose out to your competitor who has spent a bit more time, effort and money in getting theirs right.  If you go to the newsstand and see a magazine that looks cheap and poorly done, you don’t expect the quality of the content to be as good or professional as one if the top magazines.  Your website has the same effect visually.  If yours looks poor quality and cheap, people will be deterred from reading further no matter how good your offering is.

How do you package yourself?

And think about you.  You need to package yourself to represent your business.  a lady selling wedding dresses who wears a stained badly fitting tee shirt and too tight jeans with her stomach hanging out over the top is unlikely to inspire confidence in a bride who wants to be advised how to look her best on her special day (unfortunately this is a real life example I came across).

Don’t let your branding deter your ideal client

We have spoken about luxury branding here and you need to make sure if you are not looking for top end clients that you don’t create a brand that makes you look out of the price range of your target market.

I made this mistake myself with a previous business.  I had a property staging company that dressed homes for sale at an affordable price that would help attract buyers and secure a sale more easily.  I got my branding wrong and my business marketing looked more suited to an interior design business which my target market thought they would not be able to afford.

I have known someone refuse to contact a gardener for a quote as they believed he would out of their price range as he drove a brand new range rover.  He wasn’t expensive and would have been better off driving around in a small van on his business travels.

So think carefully about how you package your business and the perception that packaging has on your potential clients.  Make sure the first impressions your packaging gives out are the right ones for your business.