How to easily plan social media posts

How to easily plan social media posts

How do you feel when planning your social media posts?

When it is time to post out on social media do you feel relaxed and happy that you have great content ready to go.  Or, do you feel that sinking feeling in your stomach and you instantly get a mental block and can’t even think of how to write a birthday message to your bestie, let alone come up with some creative writing to attract people to interact with you?

I am happy to say that I am now in the first category, although it wasn’t always that way.  I have literally thousands of social media posts all pre-prepared that I can tap into at any time I need.

When I sit down with clients and talk to them about creating banks of posts, I invariably get asked how I think of so much content and how I can prepare so many posts in advance.

Many women I talk to feel they simply cannot think of so much content and feel overwhelmed at the thought of preparing just one month of posts in advance and struggle to get in the creative mood.

I used to be the same until I found a way that simplified the whole process for me and saved me hours (if not days) of struggling to come up with ideas of what to write.

And I am now going to share with you how to do it.

Create the social media posts

Firstly, I come up with a topic to cover and focus on for each month.

I then sit down and offload all my thoughts on each subject onto paper (or rather my laptop).  I start off with headings, subheading and then bullet points.  I then split this into 4 separate sections and flesh out the content, creating 4 blog posts (one for each week and all linking to each other).  If you can write 2000 words on each subject matter, these can easily be split down into 4 x 500 word blogs.

Personally, I find blocking out one day each month and writing in this way keeps the creative juices flowing and by breaking one long subject down into 4 gives me enough content each month.

I then take each individual blog post and from this come up with numerous social media posts that can be used again and again.

From each blog post, I will usually extract:

  • 2 top tips
  • 1 bitesize video (approx. 2 minutes)
  • 1 video tutorial or Facebook Live broadcast
  • 1 key question to pose to readers to gain their interest

You can immediately see from the above that I now have 8 instant posts for social media each week by using the initial long blog post, breaking down ad creating the extra content types from it.

Have a read of my post on how to create content from one blog post as this will give you some more ideas. 

Finally, for each main subject, I then create a freebie giveaway

Planning to use your social media posts

Using this system, I can easily create 33 posts for each month.  I record all of these in a spreadsheet and make a note of when and where I post them so that I don’t duplicate the same post across 2 channels on the same day.

On day 1, I may post the blog post in my Facebook group and post a question on my Facebook page.  I may also post a top tip in another group.

If you are really organised, you could plan a longer series each quarter.

If you are in the weight loss industry you might choose a 3-month series on the lines of:

  • Getting in the right mindset to lose weight
  • Choosing the right diet for you
  • Losing the first stone

You can then create 12 individual blog posts from these main subjects, with a further 74 individual posts (are you still with me?).

Record all your posts into a spreadsheet which you then simply copy and paste from when you need to post out on your chosen social media channels.  Over time you will create a huge bank of posts that can be used time and time again with your chosen audience.

If you use a social media scheduler, you can pre-plan your posts for the month ahead.  All you have to then do is to make sure you check in each day to see what interaction you are getting, respond to comments and tweak if necessary.

Using this system, I now spend no more than half an hour on social media each day.  It’s so liberating!!


If you would like a done for you spreadsheet and planner to download and use along with a full video tutorial on how to create and schedule your social media posts, come join my member’s club for immediate access.

How to repurpose blog content

How to repurpose blog content

How to create 15 pieces of content from just one blog post

Do you still struggle to come up with ideas of what to post on social media?  Do you get brain freeze trying to think of different ways to engage with your audience?

Well, I have a trick for you that is going to save you so much time and energy and give you oodles of content from just one source.

By repurposing content, you can reach new audiences, gain new followers and drive more traffic back to your website.

Firstly, you will need a blog post.  This can either be a brand new post that you write or go back and find a favourite that you have created before.

From this one blog post, you can now create 15 pieces of content (at least).

All you need to do is create the following:

5 headlines

Yes, from this one post come up with 5 different headlines. This will allow you put out the same post a number of times but to potentially gain more attention with a variety of catchy headlines.

1 key question

Ask a question that leads back to your blog post.  If you are a VA and your blog post is about saving clients time by doing their social media scheduling, ask the question ‘How much time do you spend on scheduling your social media and what else would you prefer to be doing with this time?’

This then opens up a conversation.  Where people respond you can chat back with them, direct them to your blog post for tips and maintain ongoing contact with a potential prospect who may become a client – win win!!


These can be created either from your own words or find a famous quote that is relevant to your post.  Find an engaging image and create a meme for each and post out on social media for people to like and share.

2 top tips

From your content pull out two top tips and use these as social media posts to provide snippets of valuable information to your audience to help raise your visibility and reputation.

1 x 60 second bite size video

Take one of your tips (or both if you like and create 2 videos) and record a video.  Video is a great way of interacting with your audience and letting them get to know you.  Again this will help build your visibility and trust.

1 x 15 min video tutorial

Now do a longer video talking about the content of your blog post.  People who prefer to watch video can see who you are, hear how you speak and pick up your passion for what you do.  You can post this out on social media and also showcase on your website and your YouTube channel.


For those who prefer podcasts, take your video content and create a podcast.  This again can be put on your website for future visitors.

Facebook live or periscope broadcast

A great way to gain new followers is to do a Facebook live on your business page or do a Persicope broadcast.  You can talk about the content of your blog post and take questions from viewers and allow them to share their thoughts.


If relevant, create a worksheet or cheat sheet for your blog which you can offer out as a freebie.  If you an events manager and your blog post is about planning a launch, how about creating a checklist for the launch day.  You can then offer this as a freebie in return for an email address which you can then add to your mailing list.


Now you can see how from one blog post, you can create 15 social media posts that can be used again and again.  What other ideas do you have?  Share them in the comments

Genius ways to get worldwide visibility for your business

Genius ways to get worldwide visibility for your business

Two genius examples of how to get your business in front of a worldwide audience

This past week I saw two pieces of marketing genius.  They were completely different from each other but both had sprinklings of magic within them.

One was not done to promote a business and was done completely off the cuff without any payment and gained phenomenal media attention worldwide.. The other was indeed a little more premeditated, was a business promotion and cost money.  But the way it was done again gained worldwide attention and gained tremendous visibility for the business in question.

The simple joys of life

The first was by the wonderful Candace Payne.

No, she doesn’t run her own business but she has wiped the floor as far as visibility is concerned and become an online sensation. And how? All by being herself and having some fun.

Candace is the lady who simply went out, bought a Chewbacca face mask, put it on in her car and screamed with laughter whilst recording it all on Facebook live.  During her gales of laughter she spoke about her antics being one of the simple joys of life.

Candace Payne

She didn’t sit back and plan how to get views and likes on Facebook. She didn’t watch endless webinars on how to create a perfect video or how to master Facebook live. She just got out there and did her own thing.

And the result has been simply breath-taking!  She has so far had 1.5 million views of her Facebook live video, breaking all records. She has appeared on the James Corden show.  She got to visit Lucas Film Studio where Star Wars was made.  She got invited to the headquarters of Facebook.  She is getting to meet movie stars and everyone wants to have her in their life.

Off the back of all this publicity, Candace has created a line of clothing being branded to enjoy the simple joys in life and her business is booming after just a few days.

I think we can all take a lesson from her to stop over thinking things, stop planning to the nth degree, stop trying to be someone you are not and to be true to yourself and let your true personality shine through. Oh, and stop taking life so seriously and have some bloody fun!!!

Way to go Candace

 Free?  Did you say free???

The second example is somewhat different but still just as brilliant in itself.

A local businessman, Rob Braddick, who owns a number of businesses in the area went and purchased one of the council car parks near to one of his restaurants, The Pier House in Westward Ho!  He then pictured himself in front of the parking meter, covering it up and declaring the park could be used for free.  Yes, FREE!!!

Robert Braddick

His social media post declared:

As of 4pm today my company ‘Braddicks Leisure Ltd’ has acquired a long lease on SEAFIELD CAR PARK at the end of Merley Road.

With immediate effect I’m making it FREE,yes FREE for the community and the public to use.

Please do park up and stroll over to The Pier House for a coffee or a cold pint.(not free!)


He paid thousands for the privilege of owning the car park so was he not mad to want to charge people to use it?

Obviously not.  The publicity he gained off the back of this gesture was quite frankly incredible.  His story got picked up on and was published in national newspapers, radio stations and shared thousands of times on social media.

Local people are visiting his venue to have their picture taken with him with a typical comment on social media stating

‘Just shaken hands with the most famous car park long-leaseholder in the world (surely Sir) Robert Braddick!’


‘Ooooh, super excited to be able to sneak this little podcast in today -possibly the most talked about carpark in the UK! Behind the scenes with Rob Braddick – the most generous business man in Devon.’

He has been hailed as a ‘hero’, ‘star’ and ‘legend’ and has whipped up a media frenzy.

If he had spent thousands of pounds on paid advertising, there is no way his money would have gained him the attention that doing something wholly unexpected and out of the ordinary did.  He went against the grain and instead of looking to make immediate gains by charging for his services, he gave something of value away for free.  This got people talking and in the world of psychology, where the power of reciprocity is well documented, people now want to come visit his premises to buy food and drink to pay him back for his generosity.

So the lesson to be learnt here is not to always keep trying to sell.  Think about doing something unexpected, giving something of value away for free and create an environment in which people want to buy from you.

Way to go Robert!


What genius way can you think of to raise visibility for your business?  Leave a comment below

Make it easy for prospects to find you

Make it easy for prospects to find you

If you do any form of social media marketing (and I sincerely hope you do), you will more than likely come across suitable groups and/or pages that allow you to promote your business or special offers.

The sad thing is that all too often I see people wasting a valuable opportunity here by not making it easy enough for interested prospects to find out more about them.

There are some great posts out there that are really engaging but when I go to find out more information or how to book/get in contact, it is so difficult to find where I need to go that I give up.

Please, if you ever post out your offerings on social media, grab a coffee and watch this short (7-minute video) that will hopefully help you to make the path far easier for those valuable prospects to find you.