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Are you serious about taking your business forward but need a helping hand to turn your passion into profit?

I offer a limited number of spaces for personal one to coaching.  If you would like experienced, dedicated support and advice that gets results, book a complimentary 30-minute call now to discuss your needs.

What you will get from working with me

  • The wisdom I have found from the hundreds of books I have read
  • The lessons I have learnt from the thousands of hours I have studied
  • The expertise I have built up whilst gaining my qualifications and accreditations
  • The knowledge I have gained from the mentors and coaches I have worked under
  • The practical experience I have from working with hundreds of small businesses over the years
  • The insights to the mistakes I have made whilst building my own businesses and how to avoid them
  • The solutions I have found from the thousands I have spent in learning and practical applications
  • The know-how and learning I continue to build daily from running my own successful business

You too can spend years of blood, sweat and tears gaining this priceless know-how and wisdom, or you can save yourself endless time and money by tapping into my knowledge.

Which would you prefer?

Thank you Angie, you have been such an influence in my progress, it’s like you sprinkled magic business dust over me! Thank you for believing in me it means a lot. You are a very empowering woman

Anna Houghton

 I too tried going it alone!

I tried going it alone in the past and I wasted not hours, but months of my life and more money than I care to mention trying to work it out on my own.  When I decided to invest in myself and my business, my level of success increased dramatically, my confidence soared and I finally got the results I had always wanted.

Now, this may sound crazy to some as I had run multi-million-pound businesses and been at the very top of the corporate ladder.  I know how to run businesses and make them successful. So why did I need help?  Because running a home based business alone is a completely different ball game.

I had no team to call upon.  No tech team to sort out all the IT issues and set up systems.  I had no marketing team to hand a brief to and let them get on with it and be responsible for the results.  I had no one to be accountable to and to make sure that I got the job done at the end of the day.

The day I made the decision to invest in myself and my business really was the turning point for my business success!  Make it your turning point too.


A year from now you will wish you had taken the decision today!

Angie has already exceeded my expectations with her continual support, amazing knowledge and her dedication to ensuring my business is a success. If you are looking for someone who will support you whilst wholly engaging with your essence; someone who will coach you through and set achievable tasks; someone who leaves you totally inspired and excited, and someone who has an excellent sense of humour – then you have found Angie Taffs.

Celeste Taylor

 The challenges that women face

Women in particular face challenges including balancing work and family life,  achieving credibility for their business  and a lack of confidence.  All of these limit a woman’s ability to start, run and grow their businesses.  It is well researched that the businesses who get help and support are the ones that survive the long haul and are successful. And that is where I come in.

I have been there, done it, got the tee shirt and helped literally hundreds of other solopreneurs just like you.  I will be there as your sounding board.  I will be there to spot those opportunities that you would otherwise miss whilst being blinded by overwhelm and procrastination.  I will be there to share my advice and experience and give you all the short cuts that I wish I had when I started up.

I’ve been in my field of expertise since the mid-nineties but was still uncertain if it was enough to firstly, make a living from as I’d always been employed by others and secondly, whether I’d be able to match or go beyond the local competition. Thanks to Angie’s advice and knowledge this was no longer an issue and everything started falling into place.  I highly recommend you work with Angie. She knows how to bring the best out in oneself and help make your business grow.

D Piers

 You deserve the chance to succeed

You deserve the same chance to succeed in business as anyone else.  That’s why I am here to help you work out what the barriers are to your success and to break them down one by one.

I can help you improve your online and digital skills, marketing expertise and business strategy skills.  I will help you grow in confidence and create a business to be proud of.



 VIP Members Club

The Small Business KitBecome a VIP member of The Small Business Kit and get personal one to one support from me.  

Each month you will get full access to all the business building resources in the private member’s area along with unlimited email support and a monthly one to one call with me.

You can get all of this for an incredible £97 per month (approx $129 USD) and you can cancel at any time!

Platinum one to one coaching

Business call

I currently work on a one-to-one basis for a minimum of 3 months. The amount and frequency of support will vary according to your own individual needs.  My monthly fees begin at £500  (approx $720 USD).

If you are interested in working with me, book your free discovery call with me now for a no-obligation discussion of what you could accomplish by working with me, and to find out whether we’re a good fit to work together.

The Small Business Kit

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