Are you searching for the skills, support, and secrets to build a flourishing home business?

You’re in totally the right place. I’m Angie Taffs and I love nothing more than helping fabulous women like you to build a business that gives you the flexibility, time, freedom and lifestyle you so desperately want, whilst having oodles of fun along the way.

The Small Business Kit

Where businesses are built on people, passion and profit! 

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch and need instant support or you’re looking to gain the support, confidence and skills to take your business to the next level, The Small Business Kit is where your business dreams become reality and you finally step confidently into your purpose and passion in life.


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A year from now you will wish you had started today

I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done putting the Kit together. It must be one of the absolute best bodies of work on helping the entrepreneur out there. One of it’s key strengths is that it is alive and real. Not just a load of theoretical advice.

Illona Delargy

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The Small Business Kit is the place to build your dreams where you’ll be inspired, motivated and supported by someone who cares.

I just love the membership layout, very simple and intuitive,  Exactly what I am after.

Corinne Wilhelm

Byte Sized English

Great helpful comprehensive information. I so wish I’d read this BEFORE starting my business. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Sarah Rigden

Back To Beauty

OMG!! This is Amazing! Value Value Value.

Noe Silva

VA Services Hawaii

Thank YOU! I’m feeling more in control now and less doubtful.

Knowing I’m in your membership club and you are here for me actually makes me feel so supported and no longer ‘alone’ in my crazy ambitions!

Debbie Goodall

The Abundant Beauty Business Club

You deserve a business and a life that’s as fabulous as you are


Imagine, not feeling, scared, overwhelmed, lost or confused about running your own business anymore, but instead feeling capable, confident and ready to fulfil your true purpose in life.


Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited about going to work, knowing that you’re finally stepping into the role you were meant to play… and getting paid for it too!


Your business is flourishing! You open your diary each morning to see a day full of client appointments, consultations or sales meetings with big players you never dreamt would really love to work with you!


You have the resources and processes you need to run your business with confidence and you’re surrounded by women who ‘get it’ and want to see you succeed.


Imagine taking that 2-hour lunch date, booking that last minute spa break or simply taking the afternoon off and buy the kids an ice cream. Because the only person you need permission from… is you.

It’s all possible. With the right support in place and the resources you need at your fingertips, you can build a business and a life that you love.

Why struggle when you can soar?

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